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Angelica offers a variety of business mentorship opportunities and executive coaching services that will nurture your acumen, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to achieve your career goals. Angelica will cater to each client’s personal needs in order to unlock their full potential. 

Angelica's work with organisations and teams covers the manufacturing and financial sectors but the concepts, techniques and experiences she draws from can be applied to any industry. 


When you need an outside perspective

Have you recently been promoted? 

Are you facing challenges in your employee/team relationships?

Are you getting groomed for a larger role?


Coaching is a one-on-one partnership in a thought-provoking and creative process with the goal of maximizing your personal or professional potential. An executive coach will help you gain self-awareness, clarify goals, unlock potential and act as a sounding board. 


It typically occurs over 12 months and ends once the set goals have been achieved.


"Working with one of the top CEOs of a listed company in Sweden, I had the honour of guiding him through his journey to balance shareholder value and building a great and profitable organisation. We had bi-weekly sessions where he reflected on his efforts, both from a long-term perspective as well as a short-term perspective. Through our interactions, he was able to successfully tune into the needs of the different stakeholders and foster understanding of the strategic mission of the company and the importance of acting from its core values. In two years, he turned the company around and reported a 95% increase in overall profit."



Helping you step out of your comfort zone

Are you starting your own business?

Are you trying to persuade or negotiate?

Do you need support and advice to follow a dream?

Effective mentorship is not about telling you what to do. Rather it means playing different roles depending on the situation. Sometimes you will need a consultant who simply brings in their experience and shows how they did it. Other times you'll need a good listener, or counselor, to provide guidance (but not answers). And sometimes you'll just need a person to cheer you on with enthusiasm. A mentor can be all three.


"Being a mentor for leaders is a very rewarding task! By listening, being a speaking partner and sharing professional experiences, I have been fortunate to see how individuals have grown as company leaders and as people. Our work resulted in him being recognized as top CEO in the industry. Having an experienced business leader at the same table, can facilitate your professional journey."

Image by Behzad Ghaffarian


Building a great executive team

Does your executive team need to work better together?

Are you looking to build a new or different executive team?

Do you need to build morale and motivation for new challenges?

Executive teams provide strategic and operational leadership in a company. They also set the cultural tone of an organisation. A CEO is only as good as his/her team and will often need to navigate the personal goals and needs of his/her high performers with company objectives. An executive team needs members that complement each other’s differences and engage in activities that boost qualities like communication, cooperation and collaboration. Team-building facilitation can be an option to get your team to work better together for the good of your company.


"In one of my assignments, I had the task of building a global and multi-national team in the field of financial services directed towards the mining industry. The team was located at different offices and sites around the world but needed to work in the same direction and with shared values. The team was virtual and in order to develop team spirit and mutual understanding of the targets, I created a safe space for the group to reflect on their targets, their way of working as well as their interaction with each other. It became the most successful team in the organisation and bonds were created that are still in place today. The financial result is one of the highlights of my career, with the team succeeding in growing the portfolio by 200%."



Doing business with confidence

Do you need an expert to provide you with a solution to a problem?
Or do you need guidance on the correct path to take to reach your organisational goals? 
Does your strategy make sense?

Advisory and consultancy services are about providing expert advice or solutions in specific areas of a business. It can be strategic (advisory) or involve implementation (consultancy). If you're looking to build capability, effectiveness or value, this is the service for you.


"My task was to turn around a loss making multi-million USD project business in Africa. When I assessed the organisation, I could clearly see that the business would need three things in order to succeed: leadership, order and structure. While coaching the team to perform at each individual’s highest competency, I changed the way of working with a different organisation and different processes. Together, we implemented an open communication with our customers on the African continent and managed to bridge the gap. We introduced new processes which made it possible to finalise the large projects on time. We proudly celebrated our successes when the presidents of the different countries inaugurated the final outcome of our efforts. By focusing on the human aspect, the team managed to turn a negative result into an acceptable return on equity."

Confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration for your next move

Do you feel overwhelmed or uncertain about the upcoming changes in your life or business?

Would you benefit from structured guidance and support during this period of change?

Would an external perspective be beneficial in identifying blind spots or areas of improvement?

Transition coaching is a specialized form of coaching that supports individuals or organizations in navigating periods of significant change or transformation. This can include career transitions, life stage shifts, organizational changes, or other pivotal moments. The coach provides guidance, tools, and strategies to help clients adapt, build resilience, and achieve their goals during these transitional phases.


"I had the pleasure of working with a CEO who wanted to take a new step in his career and expand into new areas. We reviewed his present status and created a vision of where he wanted to be and what he needed to do to get there. During our sessions, he was able to define and verbalise what he wanted and successfully landed a new position where he was able to thrive and deliver as per the board’s expectations.


Board Director

Business strategy and insights

Is there a gap in the current leadership's skill set or network that a board director could fill?

Would the organization benefit from improved risk management or strategic direction?

Is there a need to boost investor or public confidence in the organization's leadership and direction?

Board Directorship refers to the role of a member on a board of directors, which is a governing body elected to represent the shareholders of a corporation or stakeholders of a nonprofit organization. The board oversees the organization's management, strategy, and ensures compliance with laws and regulations.


"As the Chairman of the Board for a tech company, I was fortunate to be able to lead a management buy-out in order to create the circumstances for the company to grow and go international. This also resulted in new investors coming onboard as well as a growth strategy being implemented while the company was excelling in its field."

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